$10,000 Investment Saves Hundreds of Thousands of Dollars in Lost Revenue

Metal Magic’s reliance on Affinity Technology has helped it dominate its industry by staying ahead of the technological curve.

Tempe-based Metal Magic is a manufacturer of copper and brass dies that are used by commercial printers to make stationery, wine labels, commercial packaging, book covers, passports, baseball cards and other items. The 60-employee company is one of only a few such businesses in the U.S., and speed in operations is critical.

“We’re a same-day manufacturer. We make it today and ship it tonight. We have no time to be down,” explains CEO Cy Brown.

So, it was Metal Magic’s partnership with Affinity Technology and the decision to upgrade the company’s servers that paid off exponentially. The redundancy plan of adding a backup server kept everything running smoothly when a server went down.

IT Technology Keeps Metal Magic Operating

“Their business is very reliant on their IT infrastructure,” points out Affinity’s Rishi Sood. “Everything from the orders, to the tracking and billing system, designing on computers to the actual running of the CNC machines for engraving. If the computers were to go down, production would have to stop.”

Affinity provides all of Metal Magic’s IT needs, including: user helpdesk support, cloud hosting and management, off-site backup, IT security management, compliance support, Internet connection management, cable and CNC vendor management, and accounting software management — anything related to technology. This includes e-mail and file servers and workstations, along with hands-on consulting.

“We sit down, listen to what’s critically important to a business’ operations and design a solution to address critical points of failure and help a business run more smoothly,” Rishi explains, which is why Affinity encouraged Metal Magic to move to virtual servers. “Instead of merely replacing aging servers, it made more sense to spend $10,000 and give Metal Magic additional capabilities, including disaster recovery and prevention, and improved speed. When a problem happened that caused a server to go down, it was easy to keep everything running with zero impact to the company.”

Cy couldn’t be more pleased with the server upgrade, along with all the services Affinity provides. “We’ve been with Affinity since the 1990s. It’s rare that I have a vendor for 20 years like I have with Affinity. Dave, Rishi and our team at Metal Magic will meet and go over the big picture on where Metal Magic is going. Then Affinity will present the best way to implement new technology to keep up with our growth. Affinity is key in Metal Magic never becoming stale in regards to technology; in our industry that can be the death of a company.”

Cy adds: “Our relationship with Affinity is great. They’re always there for us, and Affinity is very cost effective for our business.”

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