Mike Toney, CEO and Founder of Conquest Training Systems

Affinity Saves Conquest Training Systems $50,000 a Year — and Helps It Win Clients

Conquest Training Systems CEO and Founder Mike Toney discusses why he chose Affinity and how it’s an integral part of his business strategy.

Conquest Training Systems helps entrepreneurs, executives and companies identify and remove blocks to business growth and success. The company has relied on Affinity Technology since 2009 for all its technology needs.

Affinity keeps Conquest’s technology operating seamlessly, which includes making sure the company’s professional-level streaming conferences go off without a hitch.

“That’s the tactical part. If something breaks and I can’t get a class to launch, I can call, and within seconds, someone on their team is fixing the issue,” Mike Toney, Conquest CEO and Founder, explains. “As a business owner that works with CEOs, I need to be fully operational all the time. If something were to not work, and I couldn’t launch a class, I would lose tons of revenue and get a huge black eye with clients. Affinity makes sure that doesn’t happen.”

As a strategic technology partner, Affinity Technology also helped Conquest choose the right equipment to operate the way it needs to.

“We do everything from Level 1 help desk to CIO consulting and everything in between, depending on what a client needs from us,” explains Rishi Sood, Affinity’s Vice President of Operations.

Better Than the Competition

Affinity goes the extra mile for clients, Mike says. “We recently had to move our training center before our new facility was ready, which would have made my business non-operational in the interim. I called Rishi, and he suggested the solution of storing our servers at the Affinity office. The team kept me up and running. It’s amazing to me how customer-centric they are. They will create a custom solution if one doesn’t already exist.”

Mike says that he has evaluated other managed IT companies over the years. Compared to Affinity, the competition was outrageously expensive.

“And they were arrogant,” Mike says. “In addition to the expertise, what Affinity also brings to the table is that deep caring. They’re committed to me. I can’t imagine life without Affinity.”

A Boost to Conquest’s Bottom Line

Conquest attributes Affinity with at least $50,000 in savings every year compared to using an in-house IT employee. The savings go directly to Conquest’s bottom line.

Conquest has also saved time because of Affinity’s high-level expertise. For instance, Mike met with a client who decided during the meeting he wanted to get help with cash flow projections. Mike logged into the Conquest server and downloaded what he needed right then and there — possible because of the remote hosting system Affinity suggested and implemented.

“That saved both me and my client a lot of time and money in not having to go back for a separate meeting,” explains Mike.

Plus, there’s that hard-to-quantify addition to Conquest’s revenue that results from being able to provide a better, more professional level of service (because of Mike’s expertise coupled with superior technology). That’s part of why business leaders choose Conquest.

An Invaluable Partnership

“When I think of Affinity, it’s clear that they care, are committed and will get any issues fixed. I wanted a lifetime IT partner that knows its area of expertise and is committed to my business, and I’ve found that in Affinity,” Mike says.

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