Important Information from Affinity

Here’s a note about a new pop-up you may see on your work computer — and holiday greetings from your Affinity team.

Welcome to our December newsletter — and happy holidays! In this month of celebration with family and friends and giving to others, we’ve gotten into the spirit here at Affinity Technology by adopting three families for the holidays. It was fun to purchase gifts for these families in need. That’s the Affinity team smiling with the gifts in the picture above! We’re proud to be part of this community and to lend a helping hand whenever we can.

Other News: You May See This Pop-Up


I also want to call your attention to a pop-up (shown above) that you might see on your work computer.

The pop-up requests that you reboot your computer to update its security patches.

Why a pop-up: The pop-ups are a new way of updating everyone’s machines, which we manage as part of our services. We try to perform these updates with the least amount of inconvenience to our customers.

If you’re not seeing a pop-up: The pop-up will only appear if you’re logged into your machine. If you log out of your computer at the end of the day (which we recommend), then those reboots will occur at night while you’re logged off.

How to make it go away: Reboot your computer. The pop-up will come back every hour until you do. If you’ve rebooted your machine and still get a message, that means it needs a few reboots to download all the updates. If you have issues, open a support request with us.

When you’ll see these pop-ups: Usually you’ll see them once or twice a month on a Tuesday or Wednesday for scheduled maintenance releases. If it’s a critical patch, you’ll see them immediately upon patch release.

Issues? If it’s causing problems with your day-to-day work patterns, open a support request with us.

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If there’s a pressing technology issue you would like to see us cover in a future e-newsletter, tell us, and we’ll send you a $20 gift card if we run with your idea. (And we probably will!)

As always, we love hearing from our customers. Feel free to call us at 602-439-4989 or email us at any time.

With the warmest regards,

Dave Sloan

Founder and President