How a Local Small Business Retains Top Talent

John Knight, Principal at Knight Family Companies, discusses how Affinity’s solutions allow his staff to work from anywhere, helping him keep talented employees.

John Knight, Principal at Knight Family Companies LLC, chose Affinity Technology to manage its IT back in 2013.

“We were moving to new point-of-sales and back-office accounting systems, and my choice was to host a server myself and hire an IT employee or turn to an outsourced IT firm,” John remembers. “That’s when I called Affinity and said, ‘I think you do something like this. Can you come down and give me your thoughts?’”

Affinity provided a quote and explained options for a hosted server solution that would allow the small business’ employees to work securely from anywhere.

“We went with Affinity because they gave a ton more value for the same price,” John says.

Affinity implemented the new software and necessary technology, and migrated Knight Family Companies to the new solutions.

Complete IT Solutions

Affinity handles all Knight Family Companies’ IT needs, which includes support for three locations:

  • Corporate office
  • Oil refinery
  • Remote truck stop

The latter two are “about in the middle of nowhere,” explains Rishi Sood, Affinity’s Vice President of Operations. “Being able to have connectivity (i.e., internet service) is a challenge that we enjoy solving for them.”

Additionally, with such a close working relationship and deep understanding of clients, Affinity constantly identifies ways technology can help customers operate more efficiently.

“We’re always looking to provide the next best thing to help a business run better and gain a competitive advantage,” Rishi explains.

The next goal for Knight Family Companies is to have the right technology in place to provide super-fast Wi-Fi to truckers parked at the truck stop. That way, truck stop customers will be able to stream movies and quickly surf the web when they’ve stopped for the night.

Anywhere, Anytime Access

One of the key capabilities Affinity provides Knight Family Companies is hosting the necessary infrastructure so that the employees in the corporate office can work from anywhere. This is critical, since four key employees don’t come in to the office and other employees are often on the road.

This helps Knight Family Companies retain the best talent, which, as any business knows, is important for success.

“When we started working with Affinity, we were able to rehire a former employee located in Utah. She’s super valuable. I wasn’t able to do that before Affinity came on board,” John explains.

Affinity also provides shared-drive access for Knight Family Companies’ employees and makes sure backups are always up to date. “We never have downtime anymore. It used to be that someone’s PC crashed and there was really important stuff on there that we couldn’t access,” John says. “It was kind of hellish before Affinity, with everyone on a different operating system with different versions of programs, making the files incompatible.”

In addition to improved operations, John also appreciates the quality of Affinity’s customer service.

“They will stay and help with any issue. For instance, recently we had to terminate an employee, and one of Affinity’s employees stayed late to help make it all happen on the technology side,” John says. “We get excellent customer service and always get a resolution no matter how difficult or complex the issue is.”

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