Important Security Information from Affinity

Now’s the time to request a baseline security review of your business.

And it’s free (if you are currently an Affinity support customer).

The focus of this month’s e-newsletter is security. We have a great success story about how we help a small business’ staff work securely from anywhere, with more ease and efficiency than ever before. In another must-read story, we provide tips for how to securely back up your data at home and at work.

That brings us to the topic of this letter: baseline security. Secure connectivity to your company’s servers, and regular backups of those servers, are part of this broader topic of baseline security.

What Is Baseline Security?
Baseline security ensures that your systems and data are secure. Companies generally think that their systems are safe, but how can you be sure that your network, computers, passwords, servers, etc., truly are? You can’t, unless in addition to automatic safeguards, you have a security expert regularly test your system. That’s why it’s critical to have us conduct a baseline security review of your business without delay.

Why Does Baseline Security Matter?
Does your company take credit cards? Do you hold information about your customers in your email or on your servers? Do you possess any sensitive or valuable data that would hurt you or your business (or your customers!) if exposed? Are you subject to special regulatory compliance like PCI, HIPAA or Sarbanes-Oxley?

If you said “yes” to any of the above, then you need a baseline security review — even if you’re an Affinity Technology customer (unless we’ve discussed this with you recently). We’ll also work with you to conduct a baseline security review if you’re not currently an Affinity client.

Hackers are more sophisticated than ever before. There are more ways to get into a system than ever before. It’s time for us to sit down with you and look at your overall security.

What Else Is Part of Baseline Security?
The way your company backs up data falls into this category. Do you know how much downtime your business would experience if one of your servers or a key staff member’s computer broke or was stolen? Do you know specifically how much it would cost your business in lost revenue and productivity — and to your reputation? Would you be legally required to report the breach to all of your customers?

You’ll learn the answers to these questions in a baseline security review — and then we’ll suggest and start implementing security improvements.

How Does a Baseline Security Review Work?
You have to have some kind of baseline security, which is based on either best practices or industry-specific compliance standards. Once you know how security should be, then you need to compare that to how security in your company is and note the discrepancies. Next you’ll want to fix those discrepancies and review your policies and standards to see if they still make sense.

How Do I Get Started?
Give us a call. If you have an internal IT team, we’ll work with your team to review and update your baseline security. Then we’ll have our staff audit it, and we’ll meet again to discuss the results. If you don’t have an internal IT team, we’ll sit down with you to discuss your baseline security, then conduct the full review for you.

What Should I Do Now?
Give us a call at 602-439-4989 so we can get started!