Why Affinity?

We provide outsourced IT driven by your business needs. From your help desk to your outsourced chief technology officer (CTO), we are professionals passionate about your success. When you hire Affinity Technology, you get more than outsourced IT, you get peace of mind that your technology will work when you need it. You also benefit from the competitive advantage that comes with delighting your customers as a result of consistently smooth operations. 

We are technology problem-solvers, providing client-driven IT solutions that help businesses throughout the Phoenix area THRIVE. We love to wow you with more flexibility and creativity and less “formula” for truly customized solutions that help you:

  • Make informed technology decisions
  • Reduce operating costs
  • Multiply revenue streams and grow your profits
  • Increase productivity
  • Overtake your competition

We Care

We are a team of professionals that genuinely care about your business and your success. We become part of your team, working alongside you to provide technology solutions vital to your success. Our team works with you to meet and exceed your technology expectations—you are never on auto pilot! We communicate consistently and proactively to ensure you’re in the know and your technology runs smoothly at all times.

Customized Solutions

Your technology challenges are unique. We look at your business and how technology serves YOU before we make any recommendations while always considering flexibility and scalability for the future. Our recommendations are tailored to your needs—without wasting resources on products or services that don’t serve you.
We have your back! We make it easy for you to do your job by constantly ensuring your technology is running as it should.

“You can reach us 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year, however zero downtime for your network is our goal.”—Rishi Sood, CEO

Comprehensive Services

If it plugs in, we work with it! If your computer talks to your toaster, we’ll make sure it works. Mac, PC, or both? No problem. Our team becomes the expert on your systems so we intimately understand how all of your devices are connected. If something is new, we learn it.

We also manage vendors so you can focus on managing your business. Need Internet or Wi-Fi service, phone systems, or wire and cable as part of your technology solution? We work with top quality vendors to handle everything for you.


We blow the “set it and forget it” mentality out of the water with open, frequent updates on the status of your network and systems. Our goal is that you never have technology problems. We proactively monitor your network and systems at all times, with issues often fixed before you are even aware of them.

Interested in Leveraging Technology To Support Your Business Goals?

We build your solid foundation. Contact us at the link below or schedule your Baseline Network and Security Review.

Let’s discuss your company goals and how technology can help you achieve them. We look in depth at your infrastructure and network, how well it is currently working for you and how secure it is.


We pledge to never “set it and forget it”! Comprehensive communication includes strategic and operational reporting:

  • Monthly executive summary
  • Quarterly executive business review
  • Annual budget planning
  • Automatic ticket emails – you get notified immediately of any issues
  • Outage reports – you get notified about any outage for a connected service or asset with a full report including details of our physical inspection if applicable, what the problem was, what we did to fix it, and what needs to be done to prevent it from occurring in the future.

    Zero repeat issues is always our goal!
Questions? Want to schedule your Network Assessment? Contact us Today.
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