Technology Business Consulting Saves More Than 80 Man Hours per Week for Local Small Business

Cisco Miranda built his moving and delivery business from the ground up. An entrepreneur by nature, he poured his sweat and tears into Miranda Delivery Service, through the ups and downs that every small business faces. And, he did it in his own way…implementing processes, ideas, and structure that worked and helped him become successful.

However, the problem with those processes is that they didn’t prepare Miranda Delivery Service to scale. Miranda Delivery Service was stuck in the past, using systems that worked when Cisco was the only employee, but not meant for a growing business with multiple employees and a schedule and supply chain that would rely on efficiency to produce profitability. 

Most growing small businesses have problems with their digital storage space, bandwidth, and basic digital needs. However, Miranda Delivery Service’s technology challenges were especially unique because of the way that Cisco built the business:

  • Cisco built Miranda Delivery Service’s processes literally on paper and pencil. His team was spending more than 80 hours a week keeping track of analog information across paper delivery orders, a paper scheduling system, payroll, and even a paper daily calendar that tracked Cisco’s appointments with customers.
  • Paper folders and critical client information resided in file cabinets, in ledgers, and was available only at Miranda Delivery Service’s physical office. This meant that drivers did not have access to client information, and Cisco couldn’t even access his calendar unless he called into the office.
  • The system worked when Miranda Delivery Service was smaller, but clearly couldn’t scale as they added new clients, routes, and employees.

“Affinity Technology helped Miranda Delivery Service re-imagine their business processes, using technology.”

Out of the Cave

Affinity Technology helped bring Miranda Delivery Service “out of the cave” and into the 21st Century. Affinity Technology not only implemented basic software, such as Office 365, but they also worked with Cisco to rebuild entire processes and systems to reimagine his business. Technology was infused into every part of the business. They mapped every system across the entire business, and figured out ways that technology could drive ROI for Miranda Delivery Service.

“Affinity Technology was able to look at my business from an objective lens,” Cisco said. “They uncovered opportunities and efficiency that allowed me to focus more on growing the business.”

Instead of scheduling the moving trucks on a pad of paper, Affinity built a network of tablets so the delivery people could take care of everything electronically. This alleviated the risk of lost information or conflicting schedules. It also allowed for deeper integration of technology across Miranda Delivery Service’s entire supply chain.

Affinity Technology researched, tested, vetted, and then custom-implemented a Line of Business application that eventually integrated the whole supply chain into new processes and systems. The new software alleviated the pencil and paper file keeping, and now provides a fully-integrated technology system that any employee can tap into. The custom Line of Business software allows Miranda Delivery Service to move faster, while servicing their clients better.

The 80 man hours per week (two individuals’ full-time jobs!) that Miranda Delivery Service was spending searching through paper and trying to organize information was reinvested into the business. By saving so much time, Miranda Delivery Service can now devote space to new marketing and sales projects. There’s been a tremendous uptick in business performance, and staff are now free to focus their efforts on multiple sales and marketing campaigns instead of administrative tasks that used to consume valuable hours each week.

“We’re able to do so much more today,” Cisco said. “I have 10 sales channels I’m able to work now, when it was only two before. Affinity Technology brings value to our entire supply chain, and I see ROI from their work almost everywhere. They have freed up our time to do what we do best...focus on our customers.”

"They uncovered opportunities and efficiency that allowed me to focus more on growing the business.”  -Cisco Miranda

"Affinity Technology researched, tested, vetted, and then custom-implemented a Line of Business application that eventually integrated the whole supply chain into new processes and systems.”

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