Law Tigers Member Firm Invests in IT for Team Productivity

Chris Proctor, Levenbaum Trachtenberg Firm Administrator shares how consistent support from Affinity over two decades has been key to ongoing productivity and being prepared to quickly set up remote teams.

Law Firm Invests in IT for Team Productivity

Law Tigers is a national network of independent member law firms committed to protecting motorcycle riders. Attorneys in the network are typically riders themselves and are members of the American Association of Motorcycle Injury Lawyers (AAMIL). Law Tigers member attorneys have provided thousands of injured riders and their families with individualized, unique, and experienced representation. 

Levenbaum Trachtenberg PLC is an original Law Tigers member law firm representing Arizona, Utah, New Mexico and Southern California.

Chris Proctor has been Levenbaum Trachtenberg’s Firm Administrator for two decades, doing everything but practicing law, including managing the IT infrastructure. When she first started with the firm, she already knew about Affinity, and brought them on board to help with the firm’s network.

“I trust Affinity, that is #1 to me; they pretty much always make it work.”


They were stuck on year 2 of a 5-year lease for computer equipment that was slow and inadequate. Affinity was instrumental in navigating this situation, updating all equipment and setting up their original email system.

Over the years, Affinity has supported the firm’s growth by constantly reviewing servers and computers and replacing them as needed. In addition, Affinity ensures they keep up with the latest software and spam filters.

“Affinity has been very consistent about helping us stay on track so we don’t ever slow down.”

Quick Setup for Remote Teams

Most recently, Affinity helped the firm set up most of their 40+ employees to begin working remotely.

They had upgraded computers in 2019, did not have staff with laptops, and did not think they had the ability for staff to work remotely when the coronavirus pandemic hit in early 2020.

“We called Affinity and within a week we were up and running remotely. It was just phenomenal; we did not think we could do it that quickly and they made it happen.”

Looking forward, the firm will look to Affinity to help them enable many of their staff to work part time from home on a regular basis. This will require evaluating and/or acquiring equipment, putting additional security measures in place and strategizing about how they can improve their workflows. They know that Affinity will help them overcome any challenges related to each individual team member’s internet access and setup at home.

IT Support You Can Trust

According to Chris, Affinity is extremely quick with their response on service tickets, and she can always reach them by phone.

“Affinity has really made it easy for me to do my job and for the rest of our staff to do their jobs; they have really enhanced our productivity over the long run.”

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